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Bouillon, 09/09/2017, BEL - Belgian Enduro Cup #6 - Grand Raid Godefroy Enduro
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1.10110006802512FMARCHAL Alexandra26BELMOUNTAINBIKER PARIS/SPECI4:1814:20 4.1982COUVIN
2.10310003989209FNELEN Kristien39BELG-BIKES5:0116:41 3.60129ESSEN (B)
3.102100164723FSOUSSIGNE Caroline23BELSUPER BIKERS5:3318:27 3.25161VILLERS-DEUX-EGLISES
4.104FREBTS Marie-Eve28BELVOJO5:5919:55 3.01181WALHAIN
5.10510009241959FLAMMERTYN Fien36BELPEDAL TO THE MEDAL7:3525:15 2.38239AALTER
DNF: did not finish; DSQ: disqualified; Speed in km/h
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